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A few shots from a shoot a did a couple of months ago.

Studio Shoot 1

Studio Shoot 2

Studio Shoot 3

Studio Shoot 4


Iphone 4 Antenna From Vodafone


So people are actually wanting me back on here so I will do my best.

So its been nearly a year and a fair amount has happened in that time. Screentest 2010 was a huge success with capacity audiences at the important points throughout the weekend. Much fun and stress was had (the latter was less me and more others but we won’t talk about that!) *coughs* Holly! I am now Photosoc president so yes you will now refer to me as Mr President thank you very much.

Course is going better too after finally finishing a year with a 2:1! This is where it all starts to get exciting with only one year left.

Last week I did a studio photoshoot with a friend of mine so my life at the moment mostly consists of processing the photos. I will post some here when they are ready but don’t hold your breath as I am waiting for my new computer to arrive and be built first.

Hoping for a BBQ tomorrow along with the sport galore (F1, Football, Wimbledon) then TOP GEAR IS BACK!!!!!!


So back when we finished the 2009 festival we decided that since we had had so little money and so little time to organise the whole thing that we would get started straight away.  That was all good and well until exams struck and things started to fall apart.

Over the last couple of weeks we have started trying to pull up the slack and get cracking again.  We sent off a sponsorship letter to our equipment hire company and received an almost immediate response from them which is a good sign.  Even received a quote from them today and I am pleasantly surprised.

There is still loads to do including actually booking the rooms for the festival weekend and the important question of sponsorship funds.  This I have no idea about at the moment.  There is a sponsorship manager but so far I am yet to hear of any developments on that front which is not a good sign.  Without money there is no festival.

This is my first break all morning as I have been email people and commenting up documents as well as organising my files on the computer as I was finding it ridiculously difficult to actually find the thing I was looking for.

Screentest Logo


As the name of the post suggests I am back home at least for a few more days before I head back.  Its nice to be home with meals cooked for you and people to look after you.  I have eaten better in the last couple of days than at any point in my flat!

So the shed.  I have moved into the shed as a kind of studio as I have loads of photo related work to complete as soon as possible.

Last week we had a day of photoshoots that was the most exhausting 12 hours of my life.  Its hard work trying to get the best out of people and to keep coming up with new ideas for poses.  All in all I think we pulled it off and I am really pleased with the results I have gotten.  Now all I have to do is sort thought the thousand-odd photos that I have in my library to process which is going to take me a while!

An example from one of the shoots is HERE!  The model in the photo was picked off the street by the talent scout we were doing work for that morning on his way to work.  He was told that he would be required for a shoot at 10am and proceeded to go and ask his boss whether he could skip work for it.  She obviously said yes.  This particular shot was my favourite from the shoot with him.  Let me know what you think?

There will be more examples to follow when I have finished working through them so keep checking!

On another less exciting note I got my results for my 2nd year the other day and it wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped as I have two exams to resit in September.  No problems though as I am determined to get them and work my ass off next year!


Isn’t it funny how you can know some people for a long time and not really know anything about them at all? And to have know someone for a matter of minutes and to know more about them than you can ever have imagined?

The latter is the one that interests me most.  I have met a lot of people over the last year, some disappear into obscurity but others have become good friends.  Some of these I have had very few contact hours with and yet I feel that I know them so well.

Some of these people I never give enough credit to. They are brilliant people.  What more can I say?

You get chucked into a situation that forces you to work with these people and you get on with it and get on really well at the same time.  You learn more in those few hours working together than years of talking.

(I always have this problem with thinking how to finish the post without such an abrupt ending… so….)

I love you all!

(did that finish it nicely????)


With all the exams, revision and all the stress that comes with it I haven’t had time to watch some of the TV series that I wait years for.  Lost season 5 has been waiting for me to watch it for months and the other day I sat down and watched all 17 episodes.  All I can say is WOW!

If you haven’t ever watched Lost before it is a “lord of the flies”-esk story of a group of people who survive a plane crash on a magical island.  It sounds far-fetched and it is but feels so real at the same time.

Anyway season 5 is brilliantly written with a complicated plot line that is perfectly executed. There are flash backs, flash forwards and even flashbacks through flash forwards.  All very complicated but brilliant at the same time.

If you have never seen it i recommend you watch all the episodes ever made and you will honestly be hooked.  I am though, slightly sad that it will all be over come the end of season 6 and I have no idea how they plan on ending it.  Anything could happen.



So whilst I was still back revising for exams I decided to take a little break and download Spotify.  For those of you that don’t know Spotify is a music streaming platform that allows users to listen to almost any music track in the world for free.  This is done with adverts that cut in every 5 or so songs but they are short and unintrusive.  I recommend it to anyone who loves their new music as its a chance to try before you buy and it won’t cost you a penny!



Its definitely been busy times here having finished my exams on Tuesday and obviously went out for the customary celebration drinks.

Since then it has been non-stop with meetings about all of my future projects including PhotoSoc and Screentest.  I am now the treasurer of PhotoSoc and so I am having to do training and such for that.  Screentest is trying to become a society which is harder than you would think but we are working through it.

As for the Music and Comedy gig – I haven’t had time to properly think about it for a little while yet but I will have to sit down sometime soon and really think through the details and talk to some people to see if its really possible (if it is it will be awesome!)  Time will only tell.