Isn’t it funny how you can know some people for a long time and not really know anything about them at all? And to have know someone for a matter of minutes and to know more about them than you can ever have imagined?

The latter is the one that interests me most.  I have met a lot of people over the last year, some disappear into obscurity but others have become good friends.  Some of these I have had very few contact hours with and yet I feel that I know them so well.

Some of these people I never give enough credit to. They are brilliant people.  What more can I say?

You get chucked into a situation that forces you to work with these people and you get on with it and get on really well at the same time.  You learn more in those few hours working together than years of talking.

(I always have this problem with thinking how to finish the post without such an abrupt ending… so….)

I love you all!

(did that finish it nicely????)


3 Responses to “People”

  1. I guess sometimes people just click. And I know exactly what you mean, yes 🙂 good blog. Keep it up! Or, you know, ELSE.

    • Thank you very much I will do my best to provide you with interesting content only nothing I do is all that interesting!

  2. Hey, this was a good one, and you do do interesting things and write interesting things about hte interesting things you do. So there. Shut up. Write more. 😛

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