Home, Shed and PHOTO’s!

As the name of the post suggests I am back home at least for a few more days before I head back.  Its nice to be home with meals cooked for you and people to look after you.  I have eaten better in the last couple of days than at any point in my flat!

So the shed.  I have moved into the shed as a kind of studio as I have loads of photo related work to complete as soon as possible.

Last week we had a day of photoshoots that was the most exhausting 12 hours of my life.  Its hard work trying to get the best out of people and to keep coming up with new ideas for poses.  All in all I think we pulled it off and I am really pleased with the results I have gotten.  Now all I have to do is sort thought the thousand-odd photos that I have in my library to process which is going to take me a while!

An example from one of the shoots is HERE!  The model in the photo was picked off the street by the talent scout we were doing work for that morning on his way to work.  He was told that he would be required for a shoot at 10am and proceeded to go and ask his boss whether he could skip work for it.  She obviously said yes.  This particular shot was my favourite from the shoot with him.  Let me know what you think?

There will be more examples to follow when I have finished working through them so keep checking!

On another less exciting note I got my results for my 2nd year the other day and it wasn’t quite as good as I had hoped as I have two exams to resit in September.  No problems though as I am determined to get them and work my ass off next year!


2 Responses to “Home, Shed and PHOTO’s!”

  1. nice shots matt, although i did pass but the result isn’t good either. (but somehow this gives me great motive to work much harder next year.)

    All the best to you and have a nice summer! -Gu

  2. I can remember those days….trying to meet a deadline, plus keeping in front of all the other stuff that was pressing at the time.


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