Screentest 2010 – The Story So Far

So back when we finished the 2009 festival we decided that since we had had so little money and so little time to organise the whole thing that we would get started straight away.  That was all good and well until exams struck and things started to fall apart.

Over the last couple of weeks we have started trying to pull up the slack and get cracking again.  We sent off a sponsorship letter to our equipment hire company and received an almost immediate response from them which is a good sign.  Even received a quote from them today and I am pleasantly surprised.

There is still loads to do including actually booking the rooms for the festival weekend and the important question of sponsorship funds.  This I have no idea about at the moment.  There is a sponsorship manager but so far I am yet to hear of any developments on that front which is not a good sign.  Without money there is no festival.

This is my first break all morning as I have been email people and commenting up documents as well as organising my files on the computer as I was finding it ridiculously difficult to actually find the thing I was looking for.

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