Life After Exams…

Its definitely been busy times here having finished my exams on Tuesday and obviously went out for the customary celebration drinks.

Since then it has been non-stop with meetings about all of my future projects including PhotoSoc and Screentest.  I am now the treasurer of PhotoSoc and so I am having to do training and such for that.  Screentest is trying to become a society which is harder than you would think but we are working through it.

As for the Music and Comedy gig – I haven’t had time to properly think about it for a little while yet but I will have to sit down sometime soon and really think through the details and talk to some people to see if its really possible (if it is it will be awesome!)  Time will only tell.


2 Responses to “Life After Exams…”

  1. I think i will join PhotoSoc next year.:D

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