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So its that time of year again – exams!

Not a lot of fun especially when it seems that everyone else around you has finished and you are still left with two weeks of hell in front of you.  Not that I mind too much; I suppose that its a good excuse to go to bed early and get that supposed 8 golden hours of sleep, apart from you can’t actually sleep because of those things niggling away at you (yes you’ve guessed it – exams!)

So what do you do when you have exams, can’t sleep and generally feel stressed? Well I go for a walk.  Which I suppose is good practice since I have to walk 3 miles each way to 3 of my exams.


So my bank holiday was rather busier than most but I really need to have fun.  I was roped in to help with the Bristol University Operatic Society’s production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Patience.

Having no idea what so ever as to what to expect from both the plot, since I have never seen this one, or the operatic society, it was quite an exciting experience.

So I arrived on Saturday to start setting up.  You know the usual eat cake and eventually get round to putting up the lights followed by watching Helen and Laura cover themselves in UV reflective paint.  We got all the lights up and the set make up before Keith decided to break the UV light.

We set about taking apart the UV light to see what the damage was (this was 10pm) and by 12pm we had the thing apart (it was incredibly well put together and I don’t think anyone had had it apart since it was made).  We couldn’t check the bulb since it is covered in a purple coating that is not in any way transparent to the naked eye. So we decided to have a good look through the “behind the scenes” electronics stored in the underbelly of the casing.  We couldn’t see any obvious problems so we decided that we would find a multimeter and have a proper go at it.  Eventually we got it working (be it that it now has one less fuse than it used to!).  We finished this at about 1AM!

UV Flowers

UV Flowers

Next day (Sunday) was rehearsals.  Spent all the rehearsal time doing my CAD presentation (another long story that you really don’t want to hear about!).  After the rehearsals we set about finishing off the lighting cues and the set.  Helen and Laura started writing things all over the set with the UV pen including all our names so that the cast would have a little surprise when they came back the on the Monday.  They then proceeded to label up all the names with slogans such as “like Owen (Peachey) but better” and “Like Owen but straighter” (these will only really mean anything if you actually know who Owen Peachey is!).  The girls then proceeded to start labelling themselves and each other with slogans and pictures so that when next to the UV light they would reveal these.

We all when out for a meal to Pizza Express that evening (I was really hoping that they had a UV light somewhere to really embarrass the girls but it wasn’t to be!).  It took ages for them to seat us as apparently a couple of chefs had had an accident on the way in to work (whatever that really means!).  We were eventually seated and ordered our food only for it to be delivered to our table with 2/3’s of the pizzas burn because the 3 remaining chefs spent too much time nattering to the waitresses!

Show day (Monday).  We had both a matinee and an evening performance.  Was really odd watching the matinee as this was the first time that I had really seen the thing the whole way through.  Needless to say it was almost flawless.  The girl that played the title role was so small and yet she had the largest voice of the lot of them – truly incredible.

Patience Rehearsal

Patience Rehearsal


Sorry for being so incredibly lazy recently and not posting anything but I have been doing other things including the topic of the post.

So my family and I when to see Mamma Mia in London about a week ago and I have to say that it was amazing.  I recommend you all go and see it!  Its not cheap but its a really good night out.  Its been running for 10 years in the West End which in itself is an incredible feat.  Couple that with the amazing actors and actresses, fantastic production and most of all an audience that is up for it, it will have you dancing in the aisle.


Firstly I am sorry for not writing on here for so long but I had good reason in the form of the National Student Film Festival – Screentest.

The festival itself was held in the Bristol University Union.  The ‘get in’ started on Thursday whereby a few very kind friends of mine helped me to put up all the equipment for the weekends festival.

Friday we opened.  Opening ceremony, BAFTA screening and Q+A session.  All in all when quite well with a few minor hiccups including a BAFTA screw up by supplying a DVD that didn’t work but we got though it!

Saturday was more laid back as there where talks and screenings that more or less ran themselves with a little help from Keith!  I would just like to say here that I met two of the nicest guys that you will ever meet on Saturday. Firstly David Bekkevold, a sound recordist who has worked on such projects as Skins, Casualty and many films.  And secondly, Peter Hinton, an actor at the RSC and in several popular TV shows and films.  Both were brilliant to talk to and genuinely nice people.  The award ceremony happened in the evening which I was so nervous about.  I actually spent most of my time pacing about praying it would go well and thankfully it went almost flawlessly.

Sunday came round and there was plenty more time to sit back and relax as the screenings rolled on. Lots of time to take over the VIP suite and eat all the chocolate and crisps they had to offer! The ‘get out’ came around rather to quickly for my liking.  It was kind of emotional to put away all that stuff and all the memories of the weekend came flooding back.

All in all it was an amazing experience and I will be doing it again next year.  Screentest 2010 is going to be the best yet without doubt.  We have an amazing team together already.

I just want to say thanks to the following people for making the whole thing possible and so enjoyable:

Keith, Holly, Jamie, Fru, Sophia, Izzy, Will, James, Vivek, Henry, Doug, Marco, Dave and all the Ushers.



Who ever thought that thyristors could ever be so interesting? I am very bored writing my report so I though I would write here and try and think of something interesting to write!

So today we continued with the CAD (Digital Design Project) which has already taken nine hours out of my week.  Its going ok but I am still at the stage of trying to get my head round the coding of VHDL and to be honest the lecturers/demonstrators aren’t really a lot of help.  But I suppose we learn best when chucked in at the deep end as with most things in life.

p.s for anyone who is interested in what a thyristor is here’s the wikipedia page


So this week I have been listening to Panic! at the Disco solidly and really enjoying what they have to offer the world.  From a guy that thoroughly enjoys Fall Out Boy this is a really good take on the genre with the inclusion of orchestral instruments to enhance and add depth to the music.

I recommend you go out and purchase one of the albums “A fever you can’t sweat out” or “Pretty. Odd” and enjoy what they have to offer you.



So today I start contributing to another site (  Will be posting random stuff up there but don’t worry I will start updating this a little more.  The reason I haven’t been very active recently is screentest.

Screentest as you may know if you have read some of my other posts is a national student film festival held in Bristol for which I am the technical manager.  Things have been very busy but we are now coming to a point at which we can take a short well earned rest.  We are currently getting in contact with all the companies we are hiring kit from and ordering which is exciting considering the length of time spent finding the stuff in the first place.

If you are in Bristol between 6th and 8th March come and see the films.  Its a reasonable price and there are alot of very important people from the world of film attending.

Don’t forget to check out!


Miley Cyrus’ twitter was hacked today and this is what the hacker had to say:

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Miley Cyrus appeared on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway this evening and appeared to forget the words to her current single – thats pretty special!