Back due to popular demand!

So people are actually wanting me back on here so I will do my best.

So its been nearly a year and a fair amount has happened in that time. Screentest 2010 was a huge success with capacity audiences at the important points throughout the weekend. Much fun and stress was had (the latter was less me and more others but we won’t talk about that!) *coughs* Holly! I am now Photosoc president so yes you will now refer to me as Mr President thank you very much.

Course is going better too after finally finishing a year with a 2:1! This is where it all starts to get exciting with only one year left.

Last week I did a studio photoshoot with a friend of mine so my life at the moment mostly consists of processing the photos. I will post some here when they are ready but don’t hold your breath as I am waiting for my new computer to arrive and be built first.

Hoping for a BBQ tomorrow along with the sport galore (F1, Football, Wimbledon) then TOP GEAR IS BACK!!!!!!


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