Back to Uni

So its getting to the end of the holidays and i am starting to think about all the stuff i want to take back with me (far to much of it actually).  I am quite looking forward to this term although it will be very busy with all the work and SCREENTEST (f**k its really not that long away and i haven’t really done anything!).

I need to get together a tech team for screentest so i guess i will be sending out an email to people soon asking for volunteers.  Hopefully some people will be willing enough to have some fun setting up, free showings and then the amazing fun that is the get out.

Its amazing how quickly the holidays go by (and how little you manage to achieve) but its all good fun!

*C Update* – for anyone that’s interested by Mortgage Calculator is completely done and works with an error of approx. 0.4%max (due to rounding errors).  I am very pleased with that.  Quicksort is a pile of s**t and doesn’t really work at the moment but it will.  I have also started the pathfinder (well when i say started i created the project file and did some research) and its not going to badly so far.

*S+S Tech Note* – 2/6 the way there – will hopefully complete it by Saturday but we will see.

(“I Don’t Care Just What You Think As Long As Its About Me”)


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