Blog? WTF?

So today after doing nothing but surfing through facebook profiles endlessly hoping for something interesting to happen i decided i would start a blog.  Likelyhood is that no-one will read it but its worth doing even if just for myself.

So yesterday i had to do a presentation for 13-15 year olds on the joys of degree level electrical and electronic engineering.  It when OK i suppose; as you can probably imagine the kids weren’t all that interested since its so near to Christmas and they are so used to watching videos of the Simpsons and the like.  I was quite surprised though how many of them said they would consider doing it at university after the talk which made me proud of what i had done plus i get paid £50 for doing it.

I am gonna try and blog everyday but to be honest not enough happens to make that a reality but i hope that if you are reading this then you will visit again to see me rant about something.


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